Library and Bible Study

There are many bible subjects here to view and examine. Some are here because the subject is important and necessary to explain so the deception about them, and the Antichrist, can be revealed. This is part of an on going effort in revealing how the Antichrist really works and how easy it works to deceive people.

Not all of the subjects here relate to the Antichrist, some refer to Bible history or events, and some are ones that are seldom explained. There's a lot of reading material here that will show you things you may have never known, like the 3 times salvation will be offered, the seven resurrections, the seven thousand year prophecy to name a few.

This isn't rocket science, it's all Bible material that I have spent many years learning, and a few more thinking, before I finally decided to publically voice my opinon about the many wrong teachings of the Bible that goes on everyday.

There are people who want to know bible prophecy, and learn what its all about, but religion often stands in the way. This is not a religious view, nor are any supported on this website at all. It's just plan bible subjects and what the bible really says. Now you can read what I know and hopefully it will help you somehow.

Keep in mind; I do update this area on occasion, mostly because I add subjects. But sometimes I have to rewrite something because I found a better way of explaining it or I found something I left out.