The Book of Revelation

The book of Revelation has long been a mystery to just about everyone who has studied it and the mysteries it contains. Even though it was written nearly 2000 years ago, very few people were given an opportunity to read it until the assembly of the bible. Since that time, thousands have looked for the interpretations that bewilder us.

I too am one of those people. At one time I gave up on trying to find answers as to what the mysteries mean because I could never find anyone who could do what I consider as actually explaining it. But as time went on the curiosity remained, and it seems in more recent times I have been able to understand what most of it is about and the time lines given in it.

Therefore, I am now sharing my findings with you, but like other before me, it is my opinion as I have learned to see them. The true reality is this, absolutely no one can explain the book of Revelation because there is no one who can teach it to us. We learn by our own understanding and that is why there are so many versions of what is what. So, what you see here is my version and my interpretation, based on my knowledge.

While most people may disagree, I have found the book is very literal and a lot easier to understand than you think, though it took years for me to learn even that. The difficult part is the language and how it's presented. But, like many other languages written thousands of years ago, this one is no different. Itís written in part by symbols or relationships to other meanings, along with a literal meaning and time line. Add the connection to other verses found elsewhere in the bible, and you can find answers and interpretations that help to understand it.

With that, despite the very symbolic method used, it is written in a chronological order of events from start to finish, with a few set backs to bring us up to speed on what happened in the past in order to bring about this prophecy. Yes, I said prophecy. It is the last prophecy given to us by God and there will be no more handed down to us. It covers the salvation plan God made for mankind from beginning to end, from Noah through seven thousand years before it is over.

In addition to supplying man with this last prophecy, it comes a very strong warning about changing what it says.

Hereís a break down of the book.

Almost everything in the book of Revelation started when John was shown all these things, but also includes things relating to past events like the judgment of the Harlot and kicking Satan out of heaven. Most events will end just before or after the return of Jesus, but others will not end until long after the millennium. For example, the messages to the seven churches is about the only thing that was short and sweet and has already ended, yet the mark of the beast, the millennium and the new world are yet to come.

You will see when I explain these things that much of what has been said in recent years is not in the book of Revelation. Things like a seven year tribulation and a great single rapture event. You will also see how things tie to the book of Daniel, Isaiah, and Ezekiel along with many things that Jesus and the apostles said.

You will learn about the seven kings, the abomination of desolation, the seven thousand year restoration prophecy, the seven resurrections, the three stages salvation will be offered by Jesus, and a lot more. As a result, I hope you will learn and find the answers you have been looking for.

Also, itís not necessary to explain each an every verse in order to explain the events. Therefore, it may appear I skip verses, but in reality, Iím not wasting time explaining issues that donít need a detailed explanation. Simply because, your reading the verses will show you the same as if I had told you. Much of the book is literal, and it should be left that way and requires no detailed explanation.